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This is a celebrity AU game. Nobody here is the real celebrity they are playing. This game is not to disrespect them, only to play imaginary role playing game. We're not here to hurt anyone, just play a game.

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When a good amount of freshmen and sophomores have applied to the fraternity, they will be invited a party and to move in. Then they will be a part of Sigma Phi Sigma fraternity.

Mail boxes like THIS are very handy to keep in touch with others.

Sigma Phi Sigma is an imaginary college fraternity. All the game action happens in the frat house, back yard or front of the house. Characters can mention glasses and other outside frat activities, but the playing happens in the fraternity environment.

There's room for 60 students. Two of the frat brothers, Jason and Chris, are the supervisors. They are in charge of room placements. Older students, like seniors and juniors, get the single rooms and others get the double rooms. All the rooms have own toilets, but some students must share the bathroom.

Cleaning and cooking duties are shared, a few students are in charge of cleaning and cooking one week at the time. There's quite a lot to clean, the frat house has three floors and the basement. The students' rooms are their own responsibility.

Fraternity house residents:
- freshmen
- sophomores
- juniors
- seniors

There will be parties (different themes), sex, study groups, pledge and initiation activities, pranks etc. All the fun things frat brothers will think of. The older students might be a bit rough at the freshmen, but nobody's forced to do anything serious (sexual or other), unless it's mutual.



The basement has seven rooms for students, some are single and some are double rooms. There also three study rooms. Those are the quiet rooms so everyone can study in those without being disturbed. In one of the study rooms is also the xerox machine that can be used for school work.
There's also the laundry room and two other rooms named Electrical Room and Mechanical Room. Electrical Room is where the heating system and fuse box are situated and also electricity meter. Mechanical Room is a storage room, there's also some extra appliances that might be needed around the fraternity.
There's also two sets of stairs to upper floors, a side door to the yard and back door to the porch.

First Floor

The first floor has 8 rooms for students, again both single and double rooms. There's also one more study room and a library. The big hall, lounge and enclosed porch are used for parties and other times the students can just relax and hang out in those.
Dining room and the kitchen are two of the other rooms in the first floor. There's two stairwells and half of the porch sort of balcony, which has a staircase to the back porch and backyard.

Second Floor

Third Floor

The second and third floor have only students rooms in them, again both single and double ones.
The backyard is envy of all the students. There's a big lawn for students to lie down in the sun. A small basketball court for fart house games. The biggest reason for the envy is the big pool in the middle of the yard. There's also a small shed where some chairs, balls and other games as well as the lawnmower and rakes are.



Game Rules:

1. All the players must be over 16 years old since this is a slash game.
2. This is a celeb AU game so characters will be played in their real names.
3. You need to make a journal for your character and icons with the picture of your character; write some info on your character to the journal's user info too and don't forget the disclaimer!
4. Characters must be 18 years or older; since they are college students.
5. Play nice, meet everyone, get to know others, no discriminating against other players or characters.
6. This is all slash all the time; if you don't like slash don't join.
7. Playing in this game takes place in threads or in journals; if you play in journal make a link for it on your post to the main game site, so others can read it too.
8. Headline your post the following way: Day, time and possibly the place in the fraternity environment, for example: Monday morning in the backyard.
9. Applications to join the game must be sent HERE.
10. You must include your email/aim to the characters' user info or journal so players and mods can get in touch with you.
11. Violence and/or abuse in storylines must be approved by the mods and fellow players who take part of the storyline; if you notice a storyline heading toward violence or abuse you did not plan and have not had approved then contact the mod.
12. Be active, if you're away for a while, make a post to fraternityhouse. If you know you will be gone longer contact your co-players so they can keep you in the game or write you absent or write around your character.
13. If for some reason you don't want or can't continue playing, please inform the mods or make a post to fraternityhouse, you can also give your character for adoption.
14. Pictures are welcome, but put them behind lj-cut or links, long posts behind lj-cut too.
15. Remember to read other posts so you know what's happening around your character/characters.
16. Make sure your character isn't in two places at the same time.
17. Please take your time, don't rush the game, the days are longer in the game than in real life; if you don't like to take things slow, don't join.
18. Be considerate and patient, if the previous post is morning, don't write evening or night posts until others have played afternoons and evenings. We, the mods, don't want to delete posts, so please honour this rule.
19. If you want to move to a different time of the day before others, you can play it in the character's journal, just make a link to it in your other post.
20. You can play more than one character, but your characters must interact with others too.
21. When you join the game please use the form on the below to make the introduction post to resort_occ.
22. senior_jason and frat_chris are the frat house supercisor students, so every idea of a new event or happening (parties for example) must go through them, plot planning is up to the players.
23. Please keep your eyes on fraternityhouse and frat_news for all the latest news; if you make important posts to these places, you should make link to the main game site posts so people can find the news.
24. Please follow these rules, that way we will all enjoy the game.


senior_jason Jason Behr - senior, student supervisor

frat_chris Chris Pratt - junior, student supervisor

junior_james James Lafferty - junior

frat_welling Tom Welling - junior

billyfresh Billy Boyd - freshman

domfresh Dominic Monaghan - freshman

freshface_lij Elijah Wood - freshman

fratboy_garrett Garrett Hedlund - freshman

freshman_brody Adam Brody - freshman

jared_booty Jared Leto - freshman

lil_mikey_way Mikey Way - freshman

nerdy_dan Daniel Radcliffe - freshman

The Form for Introduction Posts:

Character name:
Character birthdate:
(Age whether it's RL age or age in the game)
Character birthplace:
Writer timezone/location:
Writer aim/email:

and a short introduction of your character, thank you!